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Voltage Park to deploy $500M worth of Nvidia H100s to milk that AI hype

Voltage Park to deploy $500M worth of Nvidia H100s to milk that AI hype
30 Oct 2023 | Tobias Mann

At $1.89 an hour per GPU, you too can have ML compute for the low, low price of just $68M a year

AI infrastructure provider Voltage Park revealed Sunday it has acquired 24,000 Nvidia H100 accelerators, which it plans to begin leasing to enterprises, startups and research institutions early next year.

According to Reuters, Voltage Park received $500 million in funding to purchase the chips from a non-profit backed by billionaire Jed McCaleb, who made his fortune in crypto market and has since moved on to building space stations at Vast.

"Not enough people understand how much the compute shortage is affecting AI innovators," CEO Eric Park said in a canned statement. "ML teams and AI founders have to wait months or pay exorbitant sums to access the latest hardware to their models. We hope to redress this imbalance and accelerate cutting-edge work in AI."

Voltage Park claims it's already leasing GPU resources to startups like Imbue, and finalizing clusters for Character.ai, and Atomic AI. The company plans to expand its offering to long and short term leases as well as provide hourly rates for individual GPUs early next year. These resources will be deployed at sites in Texas, Virginia and Washington, the org told Reuters.

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