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About Us

AI is no longer just a tool; it’s a powerful catalyst for the progress of human ingenuity. We stand behind the AI transformation, supporting founders who are pioneering innovative technologies with a profound impact on various industries.

Tesserium Ventures, based in Silicon Valley and Tel Aviv, is at the forefront of the AI revolution, blazing new trails in venture capital.

At the heart of Tesserium's collective vision lies the belief in a future where AI is seamlessly integrated, transforming industries and significantly improving the lives of humanity. We firmly stand behind the AI transformation of businesses, backing founders who are building the foundational elements of the emerging AI technology stack to create a revolutionary impact across diverse industries.

Our focus is on empowering early-stage companies, aligning them with the ever-evolving landscape of technologies. With a global presence, profound expertise in AI, and an unwavering passion for transformative change, we welcome you to join us on this journey towards an AI-empowered future. Together, we shape the course of progress and revolutionize the world through cutting-edge AI technologies, heralding a new era of innovation.

Sector-Specific Focus on AI-Driven Innovations

In today's rapidly evolving technological landscape, artificial intelligence (AI) stands out as a pivotal force reshaping industries and redefining paradigms. Tesserium, with a discerning vision of the future, is keenly focused on startups leveraging AI's transformative potential across various sectors.


Our investment philosophy is rooted in long-term, low-risk commitments. We're not just looking for the next big thing; we're on a quest for early-stage growth opportunities that have the potential to redefine industries.

Our unique edge is the continuous influx of emerging startups from top accelerators in the world such as Y Combinator, Plug and Play, Nvidia Inception VCA, Berkeley Skydeck, and Stanford HAI.

Our strategy doesn't stop at the initial investment. We believe in nurturing our portfolio companies, which is why we also prioritize follow-on investments in top performers. This ensures that not only do we recognize potential, but we also fuel it to ensure sustained growth.

Our co-investing model is another feather in our cap. By consistently co-investing in tandem with elite investors, we ensure that our bets are grounded in collective wisdom and diverse perspectives.

Our expansive network, encompassing global funds, top-tier VCs, angel alliances, and academia's crème de la crème, unlocks unparalleled opportunities. And our commitment to organic introductions, from advisor to founder, fosters innovation and collaboration.

In essence, we are more than a venture capital: we are catalysts of growth and innovation, with a network that's both deep and wide.


We are deeply immersed in the startup ecosystem, equipped with strong tech analysis capabilities, and driven by keen business acumen.

Our core mission revolves around discovering and empowering groundbreaking AI startups. We are deeply committed to fueling innovation and driving progress, supporting visionary entrepreneurs who dare to challenge the boundaries of AI and pioneering technologies.

Our passion lies in supporting startups and young entrepreneurs who harness the power of AI to redefine the world and pioneer innovative solutions beyond human imagination. Our mission is to drive innovation and shape the future by investing in visionary entrepreneurs dedicated to building their pioneering ideas into products.