Palo Alto | Tel Aviv

We don't just conduct business; we shape a legacy grounded in principles that guide our every move. Our core values are not mere words; they are the essence of who we are and what we stand for.


Being ethically unyielding, transparent, and honest; inspiring trust by saying what we mean, matching our behaviors to our words, and taking responsibility for our actions.


Taking responsibility for ourselves and others in our actions and commitments.


We possess an inner strength that allows us to remain dedicated to a purpose, idea, and task. Simply put, we are pioneers who have a competitive spirit and an unwavering determination to advance what is worthwhile.


We believe in embracing challenges, adapting to change, and persevering through obstacles. We not only navigate adversity but also thrive in the face of it, fostering a culture of strength and growth for our portfolio companies.


We inspire people through vision, enthusiasm and our own energy. We know how to show our partners the impact of their work and get them excited about the future.

Being Trustworthy signifies our unwavering commitment to honesty and integrity in all our endeavors. Our sense of Accountability ensures that we take ownership of our actions and their outcomes. The spirit of Perseverance runs deep within us, driving us to push boundaries and strive for excellence, no matter the challenges. We pride ourselves on being Resilient, always adapting and bouncing back stronger in the face of adversity. Above all, we aim to be Inspiring, setting benchmarks not just in business, but in the positive impact and change we can bring to our community and the world. Together, these values shape our identity, influence our decisions, and define our path forward.