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UK’s NexGen Cloud announces $1B investment in Europe’s first AI Supercloud

UK’s NexGen Cloud announces $1B investment in Europe’s first AI Supercloud
Vishal Singh | September 27, 2023

UK-based NexGen Cloud, a sustainable Infrastructure-as-a-Service provider and an elite member of the NVIDIA Partner Network, announced on Wednesday that it plans to invest $1B (approximately €947.32M) to build one of Europe’s first AI Supercloud deployments.

The firm has already committed $576M to hardware orders with suppliers. This investment aims to support the development and growth of AI enterprises in Europe.

Enhancing the AI ecosystem in Europe

NexGen Cloud’s AI Supercloud in Europe is designed to offer a dedicated, high-performance computing platform for technology companies, organisations, and governments.

Its key purpose is to facilitate the execution of resource-intensive AI applications and research, while adhering to European jurisdiction and privacy laws.

Chris Starkey, CEO of NexGen Cloud, says, “AI is going to determine the economic success of nations and define the prosperity of their citizens. The AI Supercloud will empower businesses to gain competitive advantages in the next evolution of technology, all within the European jurisdiction and the data sovereignty and security that brings.”

“Through our collaboration with NVIDIA, we are going to deliver an AI Supercloud that will ensure that European enterprises can be globally competitive and ahead of competition,” adds Starkey.

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