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Getty Images Launches ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Generator

Getty Images Launches ‘Commercially Safe’ AI Image Generator
Kristi Hines, Search Engine Journal, Sep 26, 2023

Explore Generative AI by Getty Images, a feature powered by NVIDIA, that comes with unlimited indemnification and commercially safe images.


  • Getty Images and NVIDIA have partnered to introduce Generative AI for creating images for commercial use.
  • The new feature offers text-prompt-to-image generation, allowing tailored visuals based from simple inputs.
  • Getty Images focuses on commercial safety through indemnification and training on licensed creative content.

Getty Images, the visual content giant, recently partnered with NVIDIA, a leader in computing technology, to introduce a groundbreaking service: Generative AI by Getty Images.

This AI-driven image generation service is powered by NVIDIA Picasso, a custom AI model tailored to transform the content creation landscape in commercial safety and scalability.

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